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About Us


We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to work within an inclusive and inspiring organizational culture.


Connecting humans to inspire positive change around organizational culture.

Core Values:

  • Human Connection

  • Diverse Perspectives

  • Practical Action

Why You Should Join Us

The future of work is changing. Fast.

The accelerated pace of the Digital and Information Revolutions have created unprecedented, hyper-competitive markets. To remain viable, companies of every shape and size are making complex, rapid changes to their personnel, processes and technology. Without an engaged and inspired workforce, these large-scale changes become extremely difficult to implement. 

For these reasons, and many others, “culture” has become the single greatest competitive advantage an organization can harness. It’s also extremely complicated. An organization’s culture doesn’t stop at the close of business, it shapes our collective behaviors and beliefs, and when mobilized positively, it can transform us. There's where you come in...

Every #CultureGeek is a change agent. Regardless of your role or title, you have the capacity to radically inspire positive change around your organization’s culture. 

CulutreSpace is a free digital community brought to you by CultureCon.  It is a place for you to meet other Culture Geeks, create connections, ask questions, share knowledge, and learn from world class organizational culture experts.

Make Connections. Grow Perspective. Change Culture.